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“The Art of Business and the Business of Art” is a step-by-step, month-by month workshop series consisting of short videos and expanded workbooks. The videos are free and can be found on the internet or following the links below.  However workbooks are available to assist in your progress.  Sometimes when you are embarking on new adventures it helps to have someone to guide you and hold your hand.  That is how these workshops and workbooks are designed. 

They are created by sculptor, writer, speaker and entrepreneur Bridgette Mongeon, and are compiled from her many workshops on business and creativity. It was her desire to make her workshops easily accessible and doable.

 To participate begin with video one and proceed with the steps. Though some tasks mentioned in the workbooks and video may be ongoing or take longer to completely achieve in than in a month, the artist sets out a step by step, month-to month procedure for success.

The videos and workbooks are geared to anyone starting a business, as well as those individual who want to make a living with their creativity. The tools that are provided also help those who are already in business who want to stretch their creative business muscles.

Each video is a portion of the artist's weekend workshop presented to art organizations and small businesses. The videos are free and will be posted here. You are welcome to copy them and post them on your web site or blog.

The workbooks expand greatly on the topics discussed in each video, and offer further reading and resources for the participants. They can be purchased from the artist by following the links below.

The work books are available for download for the cost of $30.00 each. A printed version is available for $35.00. Along with the workbook you will be provided with a link to have one-on-one access with the artist, should you need further assistance. You are purchasing these workbooks from artist's Bridgette Mongeon secure server on her God's Word Collectible gift website. Payments will reflect God's Word sculptor Bridgette Mongeon. The secure server accepts Master Card, Visa, Discover, American Express and Pay Pal.

If you don't want to miss an upcoming video be sure to subscribe to the artist newsletter. For a full description of each workbook and to purchase workbooks, follow the links below.

Video Number 1- The Beginning - Available March 27, 2009

In video number one Bridgette Mongeon talks about the process of

* Having a plan and knowing where you want to go.
* Setting goals
* The importance of the brain, imagination and day dreaming in achieving your goals.
* Stopping negative self-talk

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Video Number 2- Planning for Your Pony - Available April 30, 2009

In video number one Bridgette Mongeon talks about the process of

* Passion for work
* Obstacles and Opportunities
* Getting Your Foot in the Door
* How to Become Known by the Pony Keepers
* Getting Started

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