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Workbook #1 The Beginning— The Art of Business and The Business of Art

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The Beginning- Workbook #1

This workbook accompanies the free online video
The Beginning—The Art of Business and The Business of Art.

Workbook #1 expands on the video and provides 30 pages of information on such topics as:
  • Fear
  • Creative Insecurities
  • Goals
  • Motivation
  • Writing Down Goals
  • Creative Visualization
  • The Science Behind Visualization
  • How to Stop Negative Talk
  • More Resources
  • Worksheet to Help your Organize Your Progress.

Participants in this month-by-month, step-by-step workshop are encouraged to also participate in the free online forum. Introduce yourself, talk with Bridgette Mongeon, meet others, and find support on your journey.

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