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A generational podcast where three generations of Christian women share their thoughts about different issues and aspects of life.

Inspirations_0001 Generations - Introductions
The three hosts introduce themselves and their lives along with thoughts on what they hope to contribute by creating this podcast.

Hosts-Bridgette Mongeon-Christina Diliberto and Barbara Ingersoll
Listening time approximately 14 minutes
Bridgette 47 lives in Houston, facilitates a senior Sunday school class and helps with worship at her church. She hopes to help other women gain hope and encouragement through the podcast or perhaps even assist with healing through generations.

23 lives in Tulsa and talks about her denominational background, and the difference between a spiritual life in high school and that of a young adult. She hopes women will gain some life stuff from the podcast.

72 lives in New York and talks about counseling hurting women and about beginning Christian support groups through Women's Aglow and training leaders. Her physical active ministry appears to end as she has broken both hips and is living in an assisted living facility. She discusses the importance of family and the principles, both spiritual and otherwise that need to be passed on. She enjoys watching the mirroring of lives and faith through the generations.Each comments on the importance of prayer in their lives, and the thought of all the people who have prayed for them.
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Hello, my name is Bridgette Mongeon. I’m the host of the Inspirational channel of Spot On where three generations of Christian women will be sharing their thoughts about different issues and aspects of life. I’m thrilled to have with me today my co-hosts on generations, my daughter Christina Diliberto and my mother Barbara Ingersoll. Welcome. Ladies, are you with me?

Oh yeah.


For this first podcast I thought we would take a little time and tell a little about ourselves and our spiritual journeys, so that those who are listening can know a little about us and get to know us better. If that is okay with you ladies I’ll start.My name is Bridgette Mongeon, as I said. I’m 47 and I live in Houston, Texas. I’m a writer, sculptor, and a public speaker. I have a lovely daughter, Christina, who is joining me on this podcast and a son, Larry, who lives with us.

I live in Houston with my husband, my two dogs, two cats, and turtles, and anything that finds my house. That’s the type of home I have.My spiritual journey, in a nutshell, is hard to condense, but I’ll try. Presently I’m a member of St. Alban’s Episcopal Church here in Houston Texas. I sing and play the guitar, and I am what I call the facilitator of a senior’s Sunday School class. I say I am a facilitator because when you are trying to work with seniors, they have much more wisdom than I do, so I have difficulty calling myself the teacher.I thought St. Alban’s was just going to be a resting place for me or my next church. But it turns out I have been there twenty two years.

I have been involved with many ministries, denominations, and fellowships in my life. I have had many different spiritual adventures since childhood, some of which we hope to share with you on these podcastsI accepted the Lord at about the age of 13. Though I did feel that calling on my life from the earliest memory that I have. And by far the two most influential people in my own spiritual journey and personal walk with the Lord are my daughter and my mother, who are both here to share their love and wisdom and whom I respect greatly. Thank you for letting me share. Chris how about you?

Christina: Okay, my name is Chris. I am 23 in a month, which makes me feel really old. I live in Tulsa Oklahoma. I manage a coffee shop café, and I also work in a computer store. I guess my walk with God started from birth because I had my mother and my grandmother influencing me on a regular basis. I grew up going to church at St. Albans, but I also went to Lutheran school. We went to a Messianic Jewish Synagogue for a couple of years. Then I started to go to an Assembly of God Church, nondenominational. My best friend was Methodist, and then I went to a sprit filled nondenominational college, and so my denominational background is pretty varied. I think my relationship now is, is less, kind of like I’d say crazy as it was in high school where you are pumped, and I see it now in high schoolers too but, it is becoming more of a personal thing where it is more quiet and intimate. So it is kind of a cool step and a cool change for me. I guess that is it.

Thanks Chris. How about you Mom, and I hear we are supposed to call you Gram.

Well, you can call me Gram, or you can call me Mom, or you can call me Barbara. It is okay with me. Well, I was raised in a Catholic family, and I raised all of my children. As you know, Bridgette, I raised you Catholic, and in the 70’s, I went to the Episcopalian church for a while, for a couple of years. And then, about 25 years ago I went to the Assemblies of God ChurchIt was through the Assemblies that my pastors encouraged me that I had gift of counsel, so I went to Buffalo School of the Bible and took some psychology courses, and I was counseling the woman at church that the pastors referred to me.It became apparent to me that there were more hurting women than one person could possibly counsel.

And so, another friend and myself, we started the first Christian Women’s support group in Western New York here.We started one in my home, and within three weeks I had 35 women coming to my front door. Most of them I didn’t even know. They just heard word of mouth that we were having a support group. We eventually had 8-9-10 groups, and I had to train leaders for those groups. Four years ago I fell and broke both of my hips, so that put an end to a physically active ministry for me.

But though I am in my 70’s, and disabled, it doesn’t put an end to the work of the Holy Spirit through me, or through anybody really. Once you know that you have been crucified with Christ and his life lives in you, you are a walking ministry wherever you are. And that is what I am now. That is one of the reasons why I wanted to do this podcast, because I can’t do active ministry, but I can do this talking on the phone and that is easy for me.

That brings me to my next question, so that I am glad that you said that. Why are you doing this podcast and what do you hope to get out of it?

And if I can, I’d like to start. With what I have learned about myself, that I have a philosophy of life that is no matter what my experiences are, if I can share them, and this really started a long, long time ago when I was in Alateen, and someone asked me to give my testimony. They asked me if I could “speak” and I said what does that mean speak? You’ve got to imagine, I’m thirteen years old when they told me.All I had to do was to tell about my experiences and share those experiences at a conference with other teenagers. I thought well, I can do that. I can talk about my experiences. A funny happened when I did that, that was that a teenager came up to me afterwards with tears in her eyes and she said, “If you can make it through this, what I heard from your story you made it through it. If you can make it through it. By sharing your story I know I can make it through it.And so I was hooked. I was just flabbergasted, that just by sharing my experiences, I can help someone else. That is my heart’s desire, that through this podcast there may be someone who is listening who may have that needs to have someone, umm, that they are trying to figure out what to do and our podcast gives them hope and encouragement or even healing between generations, because I think a lot of families are fractured because of unforgiveness and many things that are going on, so I hope that women will see this or listen to this and have generational healing.

How about you Christina, what do you hope to gain, and what do you hope to give?

I think it is a great opportunity, because there are such a variety of people listening to podcasts right now, just how this podcast is, because this podcast is three generations. Listening to podcasts, grant it, I think it is a bulk of the younger generations, which is pretty cool too. I think it is just a great opportunity and an outlet that has not been tapped. And I hope that, like I said in the prayer before we started, I think that people will stumble across it, and it is not going to be something that, at last at first it will not be something that people just they will know about, and that people who stumble across it will it will really enjoy it and gains some life knowledge, help and life stuff out of it. That is kind of my prayer.

How about you Mom, what do you hope to gain or give from it?

Well listening to both of you, I forgot what the question was. It was a good thing you asked me.

There are some basic things that are very important to me, and one is the family and generations and your heritage, and some basic principles that are important that need to be passed down from one generation to another. And, I see that happening in our family. So I would say that it is the thought of the generations that makes this important to me and the fact that we are doing it together. And, the fact that I see mirrored in both of you some of you things that are important to me, and how much you have helped me sometimes, and I have helped you with whatever, correction or whatever, and forgiveness and faith, faith is important to me. Those are some of the things that I hope to convey through my own life that are part of this broadcast for me. Plus the fact that, as I said, I can do this. Plus it is the fact that as I said, I can do this. In Titus: 2:3-6 It says that the older women should teach the younger, and our listeners should look that up, teach the younger, because it means more than just what they teach them exactly what Paul tells to Titus, it means by example.

I think that goes for Christina as well because the first thought you have is that Christina does not have any children so how does she teach the younger? But she is teaching the younger by the very things that she said. When I was in high school my experiences were like this, but now they are like this, so she is teaching the younger as well.

And I am going to point out some things in this podcast that I think are really important. First of all, I think it is very interesting—Episcopalian, Assembly of God, Lutheran, and non-denomination. We have so many things within our own three generations that we have all experienced. I really love that. I think it adds a flavor to our podcast.

And the other thing was that Mom mentioned hurting women, which I just have to comment that often times, for example when Mom broke her hips and I was in the hospital, women would flood the hospital coming in and telling me “Oh, you are Barbara’s daughter,” They would be hurting women that Mom has helped through the years. I was just so impressed with how this was given back to Mom.I feel like I am not the only child that Mom has, although she has two other biological children beside myself. She has birthed many, many more children with the women that she helps and continues to help throughout her life. And, I also think that it is great too that mom can have a ministry even though she is not active. I always tell my seniors in the Bible study that I facilitate, even though you might not be able to do anything else, you can pray. Those prayers can be pulled from the other generations that you are praying for, so that they can continue on the physical work that you can’t do.I just want to thank you Mom, for all of the things that you said. It was really great. Do you ladies have anything more to add?

I would add about the prayer part, prayer is one of the most important things. As you know, Bridg, we do get together, through the thousand miles or so that separate us, three mornings a week to pray. One or the other of us will make sure we get together. If one doesn’t call, the other one calls, and we make sure we are going to pray three times a week. I make sure we are going to prayer three times a week. I timed it the other day, it was 38 minutes and it was a very good prayer time to be with the lord, put ourselves down before him. So that is all I would add.

How about you Christina?

Bill and I, Bill is my boyfriend, were talking the other day and we were like, wouldn’t it be cool if we could go back and thank every person who has ever prayed for us, because of where we are right now.

Oh yeah.

You think about that—it is kind of awe striking to think of like how many people possibly prayed for you in your life and how they have had an impact on where you are right now. So I think that is just a very cool thought to ponder.

Terrific. We want to thank you for joining us with this podcast, and we have many more to come, I don’t want to forget that this podcast is sponsored by or God’s Word Collectibles. It is good to collect Gods Word in your heart and to give Gods Word as a gift.Thank you ladies, and we will be back soon with our next podcast.


Bye bye.

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