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Romans 8:28 "All things work together for good"

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The card outside, inside is blank.

All things work together for good...

“And we know that all things work together for good
to them that love God,
to them wo are the called according to his puprose.”
Romans 8:28
The letter.
God’s Word -Romans 8:28
 “All things work together for good...”
From the desk of Sculptor - Bridgette Mongeon

 Tragedy is never easy, no matter how it comes.  For me at the time of creating this, my tragedy was the loss of my babies during pregnancy.  Many people do not understand how difficult and heartbreaking it is to lose a baby before term.  I have had this experience once in my twenties and again just recently.  There was a day that I sensed the approaching tragedy.  On that day I prayed, “God you have brought me through so much, if this is meant to be, I trust you. Please help me through this. Help me to find something good in this situation.”

This doesn’t mean it didn’t hurt, nor does it mean that I was oblivious to my loss,
but God did turn my focus, and I began to see little blessings in so many different things. Every time I turned around there was another blessing. It gave me assurance that no matter what I had to travel through, God would not only walk with me on the journey, but He would also plant flowers along my path.  If I hadn’t looked for these good things, I would have missed them.  They would have been overshadowed and buried in my grief.  Not only was I blessed by them; my entire family was also blessed. 

 I put off finishing this sculpture for a while. I was surprised that the creation of
another sculpture (2 Chronicle 7:14) and the tragedy of September 11 was the incentive to finish it.  It was as if another tragedy helped me look at my own loss again and assisted me in my healing.  Psalm 113:9 came before this piece as I savored the one-time motherhood that God blessed me with in this lifetime.

For any of you who are receiving this sculpture because of a loss or for a tragedy that is unexplainable and very painful, I want to say I understand and so does God.  He wants to help you through your pain and show you growth and hope. If your strength is gone and you feel hopeless, please draw strength from these words.  Step out and ask God to show you. I know He will. It won’t be long before you’ll notice the flowers along the path that He is taking you on.  I’ll be praying for you.

Dear God,
I can hardly believe how this principle works. I don’t know how You find good in tragedy, but You do.  Help the receiver of this gift, first give them a shoulder to cry upon, help them to look at the good, heal their wounds and strengthen them. If they are turning away from You, hold them tight. Daddy, this is painful and it feels like everything is dead inside, come in and breath life.  Please be with them.          Amen

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