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It's like reality TV but with grace and dignity.
Listener- Karen Derr

Press Release April 29, 2009

Share Your Thoughts- Listeners Comments
For a chance to receive a free God's Word Collectible Sculpture

     The Inspirations/Generations podcast is looking to listeners to share their opinions.  The podcasts of three generations of Christian women that share their thoughts about different issues and aspects of life are receiving a fair amount of publicity for their content and the way they can touch the hearts of individuals.  From the five part testimony of the 72 year old senior host Barbara Ingersoll, known to her audience as Gram, for her walk through drug addiction and alcohol, to the topics of the sandwich generations brought up by the 48 year old host, Bridgette Mongeon, or the view of the wise beyond her years 24 year old Christian Diliberto who touches the lives of young people and those young at heart. The notoriety of the show has been exciting and is exhibited in some of the guests, such as Gary Chapman-author of the Love Languages Books. Other  exciting noteworthy guests are being scheduled for 2009 

Now, Inspirations/Generations would like to encourage listeners
to share their thoughts.

     Comments should be no longer than 250 words and can even be just one or two sentences, if you prefer.  Be sure to include your name, and title, and location.  Including your age can be helpful as it allows the producers of the podcast to know the listening audience.  If you prefer you can put listening age- "Christina's Generation 20-40," "Bridgette's Generation 40-60," and "Grams Generation 60+," we also expect their will be some listeners younger than Christina's Generation and they would be considered "Teens."  Comments can pertain to a certain episode or group of episodes,  or they can refer to the Inspirations/Generations podcast in general. 

    Please send your comments pertaining to the show through the www. Contact page.  Also, let us know if a photograph of you can be made available, it is not necessary but may be nice.  Comments will be posted on the God's Word Collectible website (the sponsor of the show), and used within promotion of the podcast.  The sponsor will also be picking random participants of the comment search to receive a free complimentary God's Word Collectible sculpture. 

Send your comments through our contact page at Please put "Podcast-Comments" as a headline.

To review a list of podcast and see bios of each of the hosts visit The God's Word Collectible website
To download the podcast in iTunes follow this link.

For more information concerning this press release contact Hannah Ahn

What others have posted
I enjoyed the podcast where you and your daughter comforted Gram on losing her lover right before Valentines Day. I know the topic was sad but an overall sense of hope and love came through. I think the beauty of the podcasts are Gram's participation in such a public medium at such a fragile time in her life. There's nothing quite like this insight available elsewhere. It's like reality TV but with grace and dignity.
Karen Derr

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