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Sculptor searches for beautiful children to be used as models in collectible series.
January 1, 2009

Sculptor Bridgette Mongeon of the God’s Word Collectible sculpture series is seeking beautiful children to be depicted in up and coming new releases to the series.  Perhaps you would like your child depicted in a sculpture?

The artist says that she will, at times use real children in her collectible series "It makes the creations more personal and gives them life," states the artist. For example, Brandon, from Houston, Texas, was chosen as a model for the Romans 7:4-25 piece after his parents submitted a completed form and a photograph of him.

Now the artist is once again looking for a child and perhaps adults for two new collectibles.  The two themes are a little boy depicted as a shepherd for Psalm 24 “The Lord is my shepherd”, and also a God’s Word sculpture that depicts children and/or adults for another piece honoring those in the military.

Details on the two themes and on submitting your loved ones photographs for consideration can be found on the God’s Word Collectible Website, located at


Bridgette Mongeon

The following press releases have been distributed by God's Word Collectibles

72 year-old woman starts a family ministry using technology- Creating a generational podcast with her daughter and granddaughter. 
After several falls, breaking both hips and moving to assisted living, Barbara Ingersoll , in her 70’s had given up hope of ever again having an active ministry.  For years Barbara had counseled many hurting women through her Assembly of God church and later through Women’s Aglow ministry training other women to lead support groups. The ministry played an important part in helping hurting women all throughout Western New York and Canada.   The outreach, in those days was vast, but her body is not what it used to be. The ministry is a memory and a mission that seemed impossible to ever get back, even if she had the energy.

But God does work in mysterious ways. These days she is ministering to many more women than she ever thought possible through the aid of technology and without ever leaving the comfort and safety of her home.  Her daughter, Bridgette Mongeon, in Houston, Texas, and her granddaughter Christina Diliberto, in Tulsa, Oklahoma, call her once a week to pull from her wisdom and share their own spiritual growth, recording each session in an online podcast called Inspirations- Generations and sharing it over the Internet with women all over the world.

This Generational podcast has something for all women, no matter what the age and exhibits the similarities and differences of each of the stages in their lives. 
Barbara shares her experiences of being a senior coming to terms with the loss of health.  Barbara’s daughter, Bridgette shares the midlife viewpoint and rejoices in the wisdom of the generation that came before and the one coming after her.  Barbara’s granddaughter, Christina adds another dimension assisting women in their early twenties and youth as she shares her experiences and walk with the Lord—truly a multi generational ministry. 

The project was laid on the heart of her daughter long before podcasts were even invented. All three women are writers and Bridgette originally thought that sharing their lives would be done through their writing, but her mother is weak and with Barbara in NY, Christina in Oklahoma, and Bridgette in Texas, the logistics of getting the three women together was impossible.  When the technology introduced itself, the connection was made. Now Barbara sits comfortably in her home talking on the phone, along with her granddaughter and daughter sharing inspiration and hope.  Many of the subjects are light— stages of life, generational faith, importance of prayers, but many podcasts are filled with the examples of the vulnerability of the three women.    “It is important to share the vulnerability, to expose ourselves and our lives,” states Barbara. “It lets others see that we are human and have our own difficulties, it encourages others to open up.” That is what all the three hosts desire for their listeners—hope, healing, and inspiration for other women along with a desire to encourage healing bonds through generations.

Each host is a strong spiritual woman, and they know they have a calling on their life. Each felt drawn to God at an early age, they also believe there is a strong generational blessing of faith, passed down from yet another generation, Barbara’s mother who is now with the Lord and often referred to in the podcats as “Grandma Sugar.” They do want women to know that though the three appear to be strong spiritual women, they know their strength is not of their own and that there were many trials they had to come through to be able to share. For example, in several podcasts Barbara and Bridgette take a journey into what they call “the dark places” talking about growing up with sexual abuse, drug addiction, and alcoholism. Each share their testimony and the powerful message that lets women know that no matter how dark a place you are in, God’s hand is long enough and strong enough to help you out, and once you have been healed, He can utilize the empathy of your situation for you to help others, just as he is doing with their lives.

The podcast is sponsored by Barbara’s daughter’s company, God’s Word Collectible sculptures.   Endearing sculpture depicts scriptural messages; each sculpture accompanied with a personal letter from the artist stating why this scripture is important in the artist’s life.  The podcasts emerged from a commitment from Barbara and her daughter to continue to pray together three times a week for the sculpture series, and asking that God would bless the message that is behind the sculpture. The concept of the God’s Word sculptures is the same thing that the women are doing in their podcast, sharing life’s experiences with other women, all with a desire to pass on hope and inspiration. The Generations podcast can be found and downloaded for free from the God’s Word website at . Information for receiving it directly in Itunes can also be found on the site. For women wanting to share the message with an older generation that might not have access to the Internet, CD compilations of the Generations podcast are made available through the God’s Word website.

Promotional photographs and video available upon request.
If you would like to create a story on any of these women, the podcast or the God’s Word Collectible series or for further information concerning this press release contact: 
Bridgette Mongeon
PO BOX 10562
Houston, Texas 77029

A Generational Podcast- where three generations of Christian women share their thoughts about different issues and aspects of life.

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