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Keeping Your Website or Blog Fresh and Updated with Little Effort.

By Bridgette Mongeon

    Many bloggers and website owners want to keep changing their website content and updating blog posts.  They want to keep their readers intrigued, and they know that by putting new content on their websites and blogs they keep an interested audience, all the while helping their search engine rankings and their placement in the search engines.  But coming up with new content regularly can be a daunting task.  There is nothing like coming across a great blog with the last post stating, “I can’t continue to post anymore, it is taking up too much of my time.”   Having a regular resource for content that is provided without any charge to you may be the answer. 

   If however, your site is a Christian site there are some clinchers in using free content.  First, most of the free content that is available on the web has links to the author’s website.  The authors write the free content articles so that they will receive a link back to their site. That is the trade-off, you get a free article and they get a link.  Because others may be clicking through your blog to their site, you may want to take the time to follow the link back to their site, float around there and see exactly what their content says.  However, you may find that if this author has written one article they have probably written several, and once you do your first bit of investigating you will have a resource for a while. But the time taken in researching their link is important. Because you link to them, their content is a type of representation of you.  So be careful in putting just any free content on your Christian website or blog.

    The etiquette of using free consent is to be sure that you copy all of the content including the hyperlinks back to the author’s site.  This is no time for editing on your part.  This service has been provided to you to aid you in keeping content fresh. The author of the free content article receives no monetary compensation for their time writing it.  It is what it is- free, but to not copy the hyperlinks back to their site, or to revise their content would be bad form.  Be sure to include the author’s byline found at the end of the article. This is usually where the links are placed.

    You may also want to check to be sure the resource links that are embedded within the free content article are working and that the content that is represented through those links is worthy of being placed on your page.  For example, if the article lists resources that support the topic and those links are broken or don’t work, it is a reflection on you.  Check all links to be sure that they work before placing the article on your site, and again after placing them on your site or blog.

    Some free content articles may even have video, or audio that are used in to support the written article.  This offers you a way to have interactivity on your blog or website without having to have the cost of creating a podcast or movie.  Just be sure, once again that all of the links are copied into your blog or website correctly and that the additional media loads easily on your website or blog. Many blogs are laden with extra graphics that already causes the page to load slowly. Adding more may cause you to lose readers. 

    So where does one find free content? Some websites such as God’s Word Collectibles have a list of free content web sources that you can then search for by topic.  So if your site is a mommy blog, you might search for articles on children or parenting.  If it is a blog on entrepreneurs or technology then you can research the same.  The God’s Word Collectibles site also offers a way to receive free content articles are sent regularly- right to you e-mail box! Just sign up on their free content page. 

   It doesn’t get much easier than that.  Keep your readers intrigues, your content fresh, new and interesting by using the resources of free content.

Bridgette Mongeon is a sculptor of children and a writer.  She is also the owner of the God’s Word Collectible Christian gift series, and the host of the Inspirations/Generations Podcast. She enjoys helping parents and children learn, bond and heal through creative means.

Give God's Word as a gift, collect God's Word in your heart!

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