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Pslam 100- Make a Joyful NoiseLooking for Creative Christians

I am looking to interview Creative Christians for both our Inspirations podcast and for a possible book on a subject that I am very passionate about—Creativity.  The guests should be Christians that have made a name for themselves with their creativity.  This can be musicians, artists, writers, authors, actors, dancers, comedians etc. The topic is your creativity and your walk with God. I’m looking for the struggles, the excitement, the contemplation etc.  I have put down some thoughts that would be asked in the podcast or for the book.  This topic goes deep and has many different facets that I am hoping will inspire those who are responding. 

If you know of someone who would fit this profile you can contact me through the contact form on the God's Word website or by e mailing me directly.  Please put "Creative Christian Interview" in the subject line.

Thank you in advance for your inspiration and excitement.

Sculptor, writer and author
Bridgette Mongeon

Fine art and writing-
Inspirational Gift line-
Inspirations and Inspirations/Generations Podcast   ( The interviews created for this podcast will not be with my other cohosts of Inspirations/Generations but will be a separate and regular segment of the podcast )  Interviews are prerecorded. 

Interview Questions
  • Your Name
  • What is your creative gift?
  • Description of what you have done or do.
  • What is your greatest creative accomplishment?
  • How do you define your creativity?
  • Do you feel your creativity is a gift from God?
  • Have you always felt that way?
  • How are creativity and spirituality related in your life?
  • How old were you when you developed a relationship with God?
  • How old were you when you discovered your gift or talent?
  • Were these two related?
  • Were there growing pains in coming to terms with your creativity in comparison to your spirituality?
  • Do you think that a person should pursue their creativity or talent and that it is what they are supposed to do?  Should they continue if doors do not open for them? If they doors don’t open does that mean God does not bless their gifts? (I suppose if that were true then Christian writers would never receive rejection letters.) What do you think about God’s timing and your own creative endeavors?
  • Have you ever felt that God has allowed something in your creative endeavors not to flourish because he was waiting for a perfect time, for you to grow, or that he thought it might not be good for you, and only after the fact could you see the advantages or the “plan” that was set out for you?  
  • Have you actively given your gift, talent, and creativity to God? If so, when or how often? Is this a ritual that you do?
  • How much rejection have you had in your creative life?
  • Are your creativity, your ministry and business all rolled into one? 
  • Does that ever complicate things?
  • What advice do you have for those coming up in your field or for those who feel that strong desire to use their gifts toward Glorifying God.
  • Do you feel God has used your creativity to heal/help you?
  • Do you feel God is using your gifts to heal/help others?
  • Are there any  scriptures that are your favorite or that you would like to share concerning this topic
  • Are there other questions or comments?

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