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If you are in charge of the publicity of your church, Christian business, or organization or if you would like to be, this site is for you. This was originally created as part of a Facebook group by myself, Bridgette Mongeon, the owner and creator of the God's Word Collectible Sculptures.  I love learning about marketing and public relations, and often teach others through workshops.  Please join, the Facebook group share your stories, and leads and give others ideas about what you have done in the past.

Below you will find links to some very enlightening pages that deal with Communications. I have learned a great deal from all of these sites.

As I began to market to the Christian community and others about Christian events and products I was surprised how difficult it was to obtain a Christian media directory. Please share your media contact on the Facebook page and I will do my best to import them to this site. You can see all of the media listed so far on the Christian Media Guide.

When you are submitting press contacts, please follow the format below.

Houston, Texas
Name- The Leader
Type of media- Weekly paper has different zones, this zone is for NE Houston
What media they use- any type of local events or articles.
Preferred contact- Fax (713) 686-0970
Deadline Date- Friday by 2pm
Publication Date- Every Wednesday
Other information-
Date this information was posted- 3/26/08
Submitted by-Bridgette Mongeon through facebook

Here are links for learning about publicity and resources on publicity.  If anyone has any others to share please do so through the Facebook site.  PLEASE NOTE many of these sites will try to sell you their book, program or whatever.  It may take some floating through and patients to find the tidbits of gold in some of these, but they are there.

General Publicity Information
I highly recommend the Publicity Hound Website.  Not only have I learned quite a bit from receiving Joan Stewart’s e-mails and signing up for her bonus “89 Reasons to send a news Release” but the e-mails seem to always lead to links of interesting things.  And the free webinars she offers are great!
Intuit, the makers of Quickbooks has been having regular free webinars.  Not all of them are about financing, some are also about marketing.

Do you know about  I just found this site and it is wonderful.You get your own TV station.  Mine is called Creative Endeavors.  You can find it at

With bliptv  You upload your videos to the site just like You tube.  There are links so that you can have the player put on your website, facebook, or blog. 

If you want to see examples of this check out my fine art website or my blog-  Here bliptv puts little icons on the left side of my blog ( note I also embed You tube videos within the blog) and the bliptv player is also on my facebook page.

Blip also offers you the opportunity to have your video made into a podcast, and distribute it to others.  It is a great resource and it is free. Once you set up your site, poke around and see what they have to offer.

  • Jeffrey Daniel Frey
I recently heard Jeffrey Daniel Frey talk about podcasts for churches.  Here is a link to The Church and Sermon Podcast Hosting Niche.
The site of Adam Weiss is a wonderful resource for podcasting information

This started as a Facebook page that grew so much it had to become is own website.  Submit your e-mail and receive e-mails when reporters are looking for a certain type of story.  Do follow Peter Shankman’s guidelines about submissions.

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