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Free Sculpture Commission

As a gift from the artist, she will create a sculpture uniquely designed for your nonprofit organization that you may use for your organization as an award, or to sell as a fund raiser. It is her way of giving back to God for the blessing He has bestowed on her through the God's Word Collectible Sculptures series. An organization is chosen once a year.
    The artist will set up the organization(s) chosen with a manufacturer to produce the sculpture . There is no cost to the organization for the sculpting of the original piece, as this is the gift from the artist.
    The organization will be responsible for reproducing the piece (through the designated manufacture, to assure the high quality that the artist is known for). Cost of the manufacturing is to be worked out between the manufacturer and the organization. Sales of the sculpture are also the responsibility of the organization.

Criteria for free sculpture commission
The criteria for an organization to be selected is found in James 1:27 and in Psalm 82:3.

James 1:27
Religions that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.
Defend the cause of the weak and fatherless; maintain the rights of the poor and oppressed.
Psalm 82:3
Rescue the weak and needy, deliver them from the hand of the wicked.

If your organization works with the poor, oppressed, homeless, orphans, or widows and if you would like to find out if you qualify, please send a letter of request on your organizations letterhead with accompanying information about your organization's ministry. Include a contact name, daytime phone number, and e-mail if you have one.

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FAQ on Free sculpture commission

1. What exactly is free?
Ms. Mongeon usually charges organizations for commissions she creates. For a sculpture with one person the commission starts at $3,000. Ms. Mongeon would like to create one sculpture a year for an organization as a gift, so that they can use it as an award or so they can reproduce it as a fund raising project.

2. If our organization is awarded this, what will happen?
This is not a God's Word Collectible, sculpted piece. The awarded piece is created by Ms. Mongeon under the organization's direction. Ms. Mongeon will work closely with someone in the chosen organization in search of direction and usage of the piece. For example, if you deal with children and hunger, your organization and Ms. Mongeon might come up with a design of someone reaching out to a child. Then, Ms. Mongeon will create the piece and e mail or send photos to your organization for final approval.

3. What can we do with the piece when it is done?
If you want only one then Ms. Mongeon can send the original up to your facilities, at the cost of the organization upon completion. But there are other more advantageous things to do with the final piece

a. Manufactured for awards. You may decide that you already honor several people a year, giving them plaques or such, and that a personalized sculpture would be much more personal and collectible . If that is the case then you would instruct Ms. Mongeon to send the original to her manufacturer and they would make a mold of it for production.

b. Manufactured for selling. You might decide that you already have a mailing list and that many of your supporters would like to have something like this for their homes and offices. You would then instruct Ms. Mongeon to send it to her manufacturer and they would make a mold for production.

4. This production stuff sounds expensive.
Not at all. A recent piece went to the manufacture and the cost for the mold making was $70. From that mold literally hundreds of sculptures can be made. The cost of the cast piece can run as little as $15. I have seen organizations spend 3 times this amount in only several awards for a thank you . All prices depend on the intricacy and size of the piece.

5.Does the artist pay for it or does the organization?
The cost of manufacturing and mold making is the responsibility of the organization. However it must be done by the artists' manufacturer, to assure the quality that the artist is known for.

6. Can't I hire someone else to do the mold and manufacturing?
No! in fact this is highly illegal, because doing so would infringe on the copyrights held by Ms. Mongeon.

7. What about copyrights of the piece?
The copyrights still belong to the artist, however she will license to you the rights to manufacture and pour for your needs in accordance with your agreement.

8. Come on isn't the artist making any money here?
No. The only benefit that the artist gets is in knowing she could help an organization. However, if you would like to encourage those who know your ministry to visit God's Word Collectible website, we would greatly appreciate their patronage.

9. Why would I want to sell sculptures?
OK, it doesn't make sense until you look at numbers. Lets say between you and your people you can sell 10 of these sculptures a month at a price of say $50.
    In one month you will have made $500. But remember it cost you, say $10. for each piece so you had to invest $100 in the product leaving you with a total of $400.
    In one year that little sculpture brought in $4,800. Oh yea, don't forget to deduct your one time cost of the mold $70.

10. I don't know how to sell?
Not everyone knows the opportunities that they have to sell. Some already have things like newspapers, brochures and newsletters, or functions where they can sell their items. But if it is not for you, then use the item as a thank you to those people who have supported your organization. It is much more personal than a gold plaque or etched crystal.

11. How many organizations are chosen?
Ms. Mongeon is committing herself to one a year for now. Even one sculpture takes a tremendous amount of work, heart and soul. If she could do more she would.

12. How do I apply?
You must be a not-for-profit organization (C3 status) and meet the criteria found in James 1:27 or Psalm 82:3, meaning you must work in the following areas: look after orphans, widows, defend the cause of the weak and fatherless maintain the rights of the poor and oppressed rescue the weak and needy.
    Send us your request on your organizations letterhead with accompanying information about your organizations ministry, include a contact name, daytime phone number and e mail if you have one.

13. I have a few more question who do I contact?
You may contact the artist through the contact form at


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