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Models needed for God's Word sculptures

Call for children to be used as models.
These children will depict different cultures within the Body of Christ.

Bridgette Mongeon often uses images of real children in her sculptures. "It makes the creations more personal and gives them life," she states. For example, Brandon (left), from Houston, Texas, was chosen as a model for the Romans 7: 4-25 piece after his parents submitted a completed form and a photograph of him.

These up and coming multi cultural God's Word Collectible sculptures are inspired by the artists invitation to the 2nd annual multicultural ministry conference of the Texas Episcopal decease, along with the artists involvement in her own multicultural church, her work with missions in South Africa, and her interest in the Native American culture. “Culture does not have to be abandoned for faith, and many churches and individuals have learned to incorporate their culture within their services and spiritual life.  I want to create sculptures that celebrate and honors these differences within the church,” states the artist.

Children of all cultures, German, Chinese, Inuit, African, Indian, and many others are all welcome to apply. To participate submit photographs of your child or grandchild in traditional clothing for the artists review. 

If your child is between the ages of newborn and five years and you would like him or her considered for these new God's Word collectible sculptures, please complete the form below and include 2-4 photographs including one front view , one side view showing your child in traditional clothes of your culture praying singing and/or worshiping. Photographs are not returned, good photocopies are accepted.

Bridgette will notify you if your child is chosen.  There is no monitary compensation; however, a sculpture once complete, will be provided to each winning entry.


Print out and cut along here---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Your Name_____________________________________________________________________

Relation to child_________________________________Telephone _______________________




Age of child when photo was taken______________

Culture that the child represents___________________________________

Child's name_______________________________________Date of birth__________________

Where did you hear about God's Word Sculptures?_____________________________________

Are you a collector of the God's Word Collectible gift series? ____________________________

What God's Word Collectible sculptures do you own?____________________________________

I the undersigned, understand that my child's likeness may be used in a sculpture by artist Bridgette
Mongeon. I understand that the likeness will be portrayed to the best of the artist's interpretation and
that this child's likeness may be created for resale publicity and public display. I trust the artist will use the
likeness in good taste, and understand that the subject is Biblically based. I also understand and give
my permission to use my child's image, photos and name in any publicity that the artist chooses,
without any compensation.

Parent or legal guardian signature____________________________________________________

We would also like to hear your thoughts on mixing your culture with your faith, worship, and church services. If you would like, please include your thoughts with the entry.
(500 words maximum)

What scripture do you favor, when it comes to the subject of multiculture within the church.__________________________________

Have  you signed up for the God's Word newsletter? ____________________________________

Please also feel free to let us know how you feel about the God's Word Sculptures that you are collecting. How have they ministered to you. 

Print out and cut along here---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Please put your name, address and phone number along with your child's name and age on the back of all of
the photos you submit. Photos will not be returned. Photocopies are acceptable.

Mail your completed application and photos to:

God's Word
P.O. Box 10562
Houston, Texas 77206

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